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Neopor® News




News on Neopor®

Read the latest news about innovative developments and applications with our original grey Neopor®, and news on the classic Styropor®.


Klimahouse 2019: Focus on Smart Building

The international trade fair Klimahouse 2019 inspired its 36,000 visitors with ideas for energy-efficient building and renovation. BASF’s customers also presented their sustainable products at the event in Bolzano, Italy, from 23 to 26 January 2019—including Fornaci Laterizi Danesi, a manufacturer of insulating blocks with Neopor®.


The Normablok Più S40 HP product made by BASF customer Fornaci Laterizi Danesi—with brick blocks filled with Neopor® for wall construction.

In keeping with this year’s buzzword “smart”, the trade fair focused on issues relating to eco-efficient construction. A total of 450 exhibitors including 25 start-ups showcased their innovative solutions. Fornaci Laterizi Danesi, a BASF customer from Italy, presented its new product, Normablok Più S40 HP. These are brick blocks filled with Neopor® that are used as support elements in the construction of brickwork. The combination of Neopor® and brick enables very good insulation and is highly fire-resistant.