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1-Litre Houses in Ludwigshafen/Germany: ETICS, between-rafter insulation, and impact sound insulation with insulation materials made of Neopor®

LUWOGE also chooses low-energy construction for new buildings, with the “1-litre home”. Forty-six 1-litre terraced houses have been built by LUWOGE in the Brunckviertel of Ludwigshafen. Thanks to the BASF products used, these homes have an average annual heating energy requirement of only one litre of heating oil per square meter of floor space.

  • 1-litre houses from BASF Wohnen + Bauen: low-energy construction methods for novelties
  • Average annual heating energy requirement of only 1 litre of heating oil per square metre of living space
  • Proven and innovative energy-saving concepts: 
  • ETICS system with insulation boards made of Neopor®
  • Influx of solar heat through south-facing windows in the living and sleeping areas
  • Triple-glazed windows, space between the panes is filled with inert gas
  • Ventilation systems supply fresh air without any loss of warmth
  • Overall, 85% of the heat is recovered: Heaters are thus not necessary anywhere in the house – the exception being the one heater provided in the bathroom for short-term temperature regulation.

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Floor insulation

Floor insulation is important for preventing heat loss to the soil substrate. Due to their high compression strength, Neopor® boards are excellently suited for distributing loads when used for this application. Because Neopor® insulates more effectively than conventional EPS, thinner boards can be installed. This reduces construction costs in addition to delivering other benefits.

Further reference objects with Neopor®