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What is Neopor®?

Neopor® is composed of small black beads of polystyrene (EPS) containing blowing agent, which makes it expandable. By utilizing a polymeric flame retardant, which is similar to the plastic polystyrene, BASF ensures the availability of eco-efficient insulation solutions for sustainable construction.

Mikroskop Aufnahme Neopor

Product ingredients of Neopor® (amount in mass percent):

  • 83 - 99% Polystyrol 
  • 4 - 7% blowing agent Pentane S
  • 1 - 2% Polymeric flame retardant
  • 3 - 6% Graphite

Neopor® product portfolio

BASF’s Neopor® brand features the broadest product portfolio in the grey EPS segment and thus supplements the traditional Styropor® range.

Styropor neu

Styropor® product portfolio

For classic EPS insulation applications BASF offers Styropor® and Peripor®.