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Exterior Insulation With Neopor®

Exterior insulation with an External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS) has excellent structural-physical properties for the thermal insulation of facades. ETICS with EPS (Styropor®) have proved their worth in practice for more than 50 years. Insulation boards made of Neopor® continue in this tradition.


Key Advantages of Exterior Insulation with Neopor®

  • Efficient thermal insulation
  • Uncomplicated and economical
  • Excellent for facade renovations

ETICS with Neopor® thermal insulation fulfills the thermal insulation requirements manifold and even up to the level of a “zero heating energy house”.

Insulation boards made of Neopor® are the most-used grey facade insulation boards in Europe: more than 10 million laid square meters per year testify to the success of this BASF quality product.


BuildTog in Darmstadt

Create architectural freedom - with energy-efficient and cost-effective construction: this was the objective of the BuildTog project in Darmstadt, Germany.


Reducing CO2 with insulation boards made of Neopor® BMB

Insulation boards made of Neopor® BMB protect the environment and the climate by helping to reduce CO2 emissions throughout their life cycle. 


Neopor® professional brochure