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For Ideal Climate Under the Roof: Pitched Roof Insulation with Neopor®

Whether above, below or between the rafters: The versatile insulation boards made of Neopor® are ideal for the thermal insulation of pitched roofs.  

Above-rafter Insulation

From a structural-physical point of view, above-rafter insulation is an optimal construction, since the insulating layer is installed virtually without gaps above the roof construction. In doing so, the visible rafters are integrated as a decorative element in the interior design of the rooms.

In order to optimally fulfill the thermal insulation requirements, insulation materials made of Neopor® are installed efficiently in form of panels or roof elements for above-rafter insulation. Professionally renovated areas under steep roofs offer valuable living space. The sufficiently dimensioned insulation layer made of Neopor® is of special importance in this regard. In the summer, living spaces under the roof should not heat up unbearably, and in the winter, the thermal insulation must restrict the loss of expensive heating energy.



Key Advantages of Above-rafter Insulation with Neopor®

  • Complete insulation layer
  • Water-repellent and open to diffusion
  • Easy handling

Between- and Under-rafter Insulation

Slotted thermal insulation boards made of Neopor® are ideal for between-rafter insulation. Special longitudinal slits make the insulation board flexible and elastic, which enables a perfect fit of the panels between the rafters.

The combination of between- and under-rafter insulation with boards made of Neopor® provides increased thermal insulation with minimal installation height. The energetic restoration of the attic with insulation boards made of Neopor® provides a healthy and cozy living space and contributes to the conservation of and increase in value of the building.


Key Advantages of Between-and Under-rafter Insulation with Neopor®

  • Dust-free and last laying
  • No skin-irritant effects
  • Form and dimensionally stable

3-litre house in Ludwigshafen

By creating the first 3-litre home in Europe, LUWOGE has shown what is possible by using innovative materials when modernizing old buildings.


Reducing CO2 with insulation boards made of Neopor® BMB

Insulation boards made of Neopor® BMB protect the environment and the climate by helping to reduce CO2 emissions throughout their life cycle.


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